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Singer / Songwriter
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                                                                                                                        Music Update

The good news. The new album  “Rainbows” has now been released and is    on   sale for  just £3 + £1.50 P & P.  The album contains 5  self penned songs and 6   covers. Full details on the shop page. 

Great news from YouTube. They have introduced a game changing feature for folks like me who upload videos to the platform. They have now introduced a feature called a "handle" which gives the youtuber a unique personal channel identifier.

SO --- typing singandtell1 in the YouTube search box will highlight the profile of my music channel where you will be able to listen and watch videos of my self-penned songs. By the way please feel free to subscribe to the channel. (It's free to do so) Enjoy and watch out for new songs to be added.

                                        "Nothing to Declare"
                    Music and Lyrics : Ian Perryman

Ian Perryman

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